Top 10 Reasons to Show a Lefty some Love!!

First off, let me preface, I am not a lefty.  However, both my sons are left-handed.  I tried to see the world through their eyes for one day, and this is what I discovered.  Thanks to our friends at Metro News. Read on to find out 10 things only lefties can relate too.

  1. Schools don’t like youschool-desks

    If it’s not those tiny desks specially crafted to accommodate only right-handed people it’s the tortuous spiral notebooks and evil triple ring binders. Don’t even talk to me about whiteboards.

  2. Sports are not designed for you

Baseball: ‘We’re going to need a different glove’.

Bowling: ‘What, I need special shoes?’

  1. Comdesktop-153893_1280puters are completely wrong

When you arrive at a desk, expect to see the mouse on the right (along with the phone). Even if you can extend the cable, your mouse is still indented for a right-hander’s thumb. Plus your keyboard has the number pad on the wrong side.


  1. Banks don’t understand  youtethered pen

Them and their stupid little secured pens. The struggle is real. Not that many people physically go to banks these days. (maybe one reason why, i’m just sayin)

  1. Cooking is troubled with hazards

I can’t use that potato peeler. I attempted to open a tin can, nope. I can’t slice the  bread. My saucepan lip is on the wrong side. (Let’s just get pizza.)

  1. Restaurants just don’t get itrestaurant-table-setting

Really, put that glass on the left. Excuse me waiter, Where is the Lefties Section?

  1. They get strange nicknames

Honestly, What the heck does southpaw even mean?

  1. Getting dressed causes all types of drama

Necklace clasps. Belts. Watches. What’s the point?handshake-black-white-children-shaking-hands-36961908

  1. Everyone wants to greet you the wrong way

Why is this the norm? Can we just hug it out?

   10.  Stringed instruments, Scissors, and a several other challenges

Trying to navigate in this right-biased world and seeing things from the other side has made them into the people they are today, smudgy hands and all.

So the point is to HUG a Lefty Today.  keep-calm-and-hug-a-lefty-1It is their day after all.

I pray this inspired you to hug a lefty in your life. Do you know of any obstacles we “righties” take for granted? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on all Social Media @LifeIsAPartyLLC and @KeetraThompson.

Until next time…

Always Remember, Life truly is a Party!

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