Simply 7 – Sustainable Practices for Earth Day & Every Day

This is part of our Simply 7 Series. Each Simply 7 blog post published on Fridays will consist of 7 tips, tricks or truths formulated by your friends at LIAP. Enjoy!! Enough chit chat. Let’s go already.

I attended an event greening workshop sponsored by a great organization, St. Louis Earth Day. If you have the opportunity, visit their website.  They are doing amazing things in the Saint Louis area and beyond. I also did some additional research on how to include sustainable practices in my everyday living as well as at my events. Thanks for the info

I wanted to share with you 7 take-a-ways that are simple to implement into your next event and your life.  Not only is this good for us, it is good for sustaining our planet. {we only get one}

  1. 1:1 ratiorecycle-237874_1920 for trash & recycle receptacles. For every trash receptacle at your event, you should have a recycle receptacle.  Give your event attendees the right to choose.
  2. Reusable water bottles. Instead of distributing bottled water, which produces excess waste, encourage attendees to bring reusable water bottles and supply water stations throughout your event.
  3. Donate the remaining food from your event to a local food pantry.  There are many people in need, its time we give back.
  4. Become a member of a community garden. Gardens create green spaces and the garden waste can be mulched and returned to support healthy soil.
  5. Walk, bike or car pool to work or school. The less personal use of your car you do, the more you and the environment will benefit.
  6. still-life-1037378_1920Spend more time reading and playing games. How can this be a part of sustainable living? By reducing your reliance on entertainment forms that require energy and natural resources you can help to reduce the demand and drain on them.
  7. Unplug device when not in use. Most of the electronic devices keep on drawing electricity even when they’re off. To reduce energy usage, simply pull the plug when not in use. It will help you to save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Join forces with your local Earth Day Organization to learn about all the opportunities within your area.

I pray this inspired you to increase your sustainable practices. Let me know how you are helping our planet in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on all Social Media @LifeIsAPartyLLC.

Until next time…

Always Remember, Life truly is a Party!

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