Simply 7 – Questions to ask BEFORE choosing a DJ

LIAP S7 DJ-smHave you ever been to a party and the mood was, well to put it nicely, I’d rather be home watching paint dry?  Many times the feel of an event is more than just decor and dining. Most events require some form of entertainment. We at Life Is A Party want to reduce your stress by giving you Simply 7 questions to ask before you hire a DJ for any event.

What is Simply 7? – This is part of our Simply 7 Series. Each Simply 7 blog post published weekly on Fridays will consist of 7 tips, tricks or facts formulated by your friends at LIAP. Enjoy!! Enough chit chat. Let’s go already.

  1. Do you DJ full-time? Follow up, Do you also Emcee the event?

  2. What kind of experience, background, and education do you have?

  3. How do you encourage crowd

  4. Do you carry liability insurance?

  5. Do you bring backup equipment with you?

  6. Do you provide a written contract and guarantee?

  7. What are the reasons you think we should hire you?

This list is definitely not a complete list of questions to ask a DJ. If your DJ has an issue with answering any of these questions, find another one. If your DJ does not answer any of these questions to your liking, find another one.

I would highly recommend hiring a professional event coordinator like Life Is A Party LLC to plan your event. We will plan and execute your event, overseeing details that escape most people’s attention. We manage the facets of your event so you can focus on the guests and having a great time.  Next week be sure to check out our blog on Why you should hire an Event Professional.

I pray this gave you insight and a better understanding when you select your next DJ. Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on all Social Media @LifeIsAPartyLLC.

Until next time…

Always Remember, Life truly is a Party!

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