Simply 7 Life Lessons Stevie Wonder Helped Me See

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SW isnt she love with teeI truly am an advocate of living your dreams every single day. In 2015, I was able to fulfill a dream I have had since I was 10 years old. {I’m a few years older now, ☺} Any who, I had the pleasure of attending a Live Concert with, in my opinion, the best Artist of ALL TIME. Mr. Stevie Wonder. If I could only choose one musician to listen to the rest of my life, it would be Stevie Wonder. He created the soundtrack to my life. So experiencing his Wonder live, performing my all time favorite album was the ultimate encounter for me. {shout out to my hubby and my brother-in-love for making this happen, you both are amazing.} If you click the song titles, you can listen to the awe-inspiring song by this Wonder-ful artist.

The double album, Songs in the Key of Life was released in 1976. What amazes me is how all of the songs still resonate today.  I wanted to share 7 Life Lessons that I’ve learned through the eyes of Stevie Wonder.

  1. Love’s in need of love today – With all the crazy rhetoric, blatant disregard and disrespect because of our differences, we all need to live with love. Let’s stop judging each other and start loving each other.  Life is too short to miss any opportunity to spread love.

You are never too old2. My life, Knocks me off my feet – Are you living your dreams? If not, then what is holding you back? Everyday I wake up with excitement because I get another day to do what I love. If you are not in that space, set a goal and start making steps to get there.  C. S. Lewis said it best,  “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  Ready. Set. Let’s Go!!

3. Sometimes you need an Easy goin’ evening – As an Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, PTA Pres, Chamber of Commerce Board Member, and many other responsibilities, it is rare to have some me time. I schedule 2-3 easy going evenings each month to reflect, rejuvenate and refresh myself by doing something just for me. Whether it is some retail therapy {I love to shop}, or going to get a massage, I make it happen. Be sure to include some you time, everyone will thank you for it.

4. Another Star is born – How do you see yourself? I used to have bouts with low self-esteem. Seriously, I did. How did I KO low self esteem? I became my biggest fan. Every morning I speak positive affirmations over my life. I’m my own hype-woman.  If I do not believe it, neither will everyone else. Read my post 7 Personal Resolutions Worth Keeping to get you started.  My Stevie theme song is Isn’t She Lovely. Stevie wrote it for his daughter. {vicariously for me} See, my self-esteem is off the charts. Have to include video for this one.

Be the change ― Mahatma Gandhi5. Black Man – 
This world was made for ALL men and women. Race relations in America is broadcast daily in our news stories, on social media and in our daily conversations. We must remember that good or bad, we all have played a part in our history. What matters is how we deal today because it shapes our future.

6dante leglassesI Wish those days would come back once more – I used long for the days of innocence. Many times as adults we lose the excitement of ordinary days. My son approaches everything as new and exciting. Even if he is doing the same thing he has done for weeks. For example, when we read a book {for the 15th time}, he still gets anxious when we get to the end, even though he knows how it ends. I asked him why and my 8 year old dropped some wisdom on his mother. He said, “Mom, maybe the end will be different. Use your imagination. You never know.” So after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I hugged my little visionary. Look at that picture. {love him} I challenge you to look forward to life as an adventure everyday. It is so worth it.

7. We must Have a talk with God – Do you know your purpose? Are you unsure of what you are supposed to do in this life? It is time you have a talk with God.  Let us not continue to walk around aimlessly, and walk with purpose everyday. How will you make a difference?

I pray you enjoyed my stroll through the eyes of Stevie. Who is your favorite artist?  Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on all Social Media @LifeIsAPartyLLC.

Until next time…

Always Remember, Life truly is a Party!

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