Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Wall DecorThis year Chinese New Year begins on Monday, February 8, 2016. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Chinese New Year is the biggest event in Chinese world. The Chinese New Year Eve is the day of family reunion. Just like in the United States they stay awake until hearing the sound of firecrackers to welcome the  New Year. To start the celebrations on New Years Day, people like to greet with  Gong Xi Fa Chai , which means “congratulations and make a fortune.”  The Chinese New Year festivities officially last for 15 days, culminating in Chap Goh Mei – meaning the 15th night which is celebrated with a family meal, music, and decorations, similar to the reunion dinner.

Can you imagine celebrating for 15 days?  Well they keep the party going.  All fifteen days have meaning.  Check it out.  Big shout out to ChineseNewYearDay.com and About.com for the info.

chinese-lantern-932217_1920Day 2 is the Son-in-Law Day. Married women return their mothers homes on this day. Day 3 is Mice Wedding Day. Day 4 is Welcome Home Day to the God of the Stove. Day 5  is Welcome God of Wealth Day. Lots of business stores like to reopen on this day. Day 6 is  Clear-Water Master Day. Day 7 is The Human Day. Day 8 is The Completion Day. Day 9 is the Birthday of Jade Emperor, King of Heaven. Day 10 is The Eating Day. Day 11 is The Break Day. Day 12 is The Cleanse Day. Day 13 is The Death Anniversary of Kuan Yu. Day 14 is The Lantern Decoration Day a day of rest to gear up for the final day. Day 15 is The Lantern Festival. This spectacular display of creativity and lights ends 15 days of fun and celebration.  Many equate this day to our Valentine’s Day.  How fun is that?

By the way, a big thank you to whomever invented paper lanterns.  I love including them in my events in all their fabulous shapes and sizes.

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