Are you very Superstitious? – Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder bday blog postSo, it is Friday the 13th. The best celebration EVER is today. It is Stevie Wonder’s Birthday. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I consider Mr. Wonder the Greatest Artist of All Time. If I was exiled to a deserted island and I could only bring 3 things with me they would be, in this order:

  1. My Bible – I will always need some Jesus.
  2. My Stevie Wonder Collection. – No matter my mood, happy, sad, or in an electro-funk, Stevie’s got me covered.
  3. Endless Soup & Salad from Olive Garden. – Honey, Zuppa Toscana gives me life.

Yes, sorry to my hubby & son, I love you, but sometimes I need some Kee-Time. Haha.

To the man who taken us to HIGHER GROUND, with the VISIONS in his mind. To MISSTRA KNOW IT ALL who has made us pause and take a look at the BIRD OF BEAUTY of the sky. Who reminds us, even-though we have some ORDINARY PAIN, that LOVE’S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAY.  AS IF YOU READ MY MIND, I’m shouting…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

IMG_20151108_090558709I was OVERJOYED to get to see Mr. Wonder live singing my favorite album Songs in the Key Of Life. Check out my post about:

7 Life Lessons Stevie Wonder Helped Me See

I am truly a lifelong fan and WITH EACH BEAT OF MY HEART, I wish him a Very Happy Birthday. When I was a kid I thought Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, and Michael Jackson sang everything. 

What is your favorite song by Stevie Wonder, everybody has one?  Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on all Social Media @LifeIsAPartyLLC.

Until next time…

Always Remember, Life truly is a Party!

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